the way an argument should be handled

You know, I’m sitting here going through my daily routine and I just realized something. A thread over on the Einstein forums reminds me of a previous event. and how real adults handle discourse. want to see what I mean? there is lots of back and forth in that thread, and yet, no one was banned over it. lots of opinion and posts to back up opinion with fact’s to back them up as opposed to no fact’s.

Yeah sure I’m “keeping it going” but it honestly burns my hide to think about it. banned over requesting proof to back up a claim. It’s sad really.

That and when I logged in to post this I discovered a “track back” that was marked as spam, the reason it was marked as spam was simple. my blog could not verify the existence of the other blog on “blogger” and sure enough it does not exist. meaning either,

  1. the blog never existed.
  2. the blog did exist but violated bloggers terms of service (yuku has them too you know) and was promptly removed.

Given the title of the track back I’m going with number 2

And as mentioned in my previous post. No one from there has tryd to contact me. maybe they think I’ll post what they send? no, I wouldn’t my beef was with the man in charge. and like I said in those post’s I felt it was my only way to get my message out there since I had no way of knowing what he was saying on the subject since he removed my ability to read any of the forums (banned)

or maybe they don’t know my email address? I follow the “informal web standard” of a “webmaster” email address. just add “webmaster” to the domain above. And if they’re really paranoid I have a pgp encryption only email address “sec_webmaster” you can get the key from any key server.

I know at least one person from over there visits here. I do wonder why? are they expecting me to post an apology for me being wronged? or are they expecting me to remove all of my posts about this matter? I admit I’m curious.

I guess I could install a contact form for those folks that don’t want to post a comment directly on the site, and that do not want to reveal their real email address. I’ll look in to it.

edit: corrected link, oops, it was the wrong thread.

3 thoughts on “the way an argument should be handled

  1. Galen

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    • I’m not the one hiding behind a proxy. and the only thing you know about me is what I write here. but if you want to continue your delusion of knowing me in person your welcome to do so.

  2. Galen

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