My sad reality

It has been a month since my ban from a place I called home on the internet.

and the sad reality is. Not a single person from that place has made any attempt at contact.

You see, since I admittedly have no life in the “real world” I tend to forget that the internet is not a place, it is not home. And because I forget that I tend to consider online friendships the same as real world friendships. And that is sad indeed. You would think after all my time on line I would have learned by now that norm’s don’t look at the internet the same way those of us that cant get out and about do. Most of them come on line to vent their frustrations at life while people like me, live our lives on the internet. Sad? Maybe.

But the real sad thing is. I was naive enough to think that some of those people would remain in touch after all the years I spent on there. But since none have even attempted contact I’ve come to the realization that all the time I spent there. All the energy I put in to trying to help with that place. Was wasted.

No, not wasted. Its a lesson. A lesson to never get attached to any norm’s because in the end I and others like me are just a waste of space in this world to them. That’s how people view people like me. And you know. Maybe they’re right. But as long as I have my parents to take care of. I will continue to “take up space” until the day they are no longer on this earth.

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