what a ban looks like

“he is not banned” has been stuck in my head, so I’ve decided to show you what a ban looks like.

Main forum


Sub-forum with no topics.

yuku error page

error page showing not authorized a.k.a. banned.

The first image is the forum as I see it. You will notice “the brig” sub-forum which by the way uses my full real name (I’ve blurred it).

The second image is what I see if I click on “the brig” nothing there. If I attempt to make a post, you get the third image.

Like I said, banned. Some thing else is stuck in my head as well “you have no idea how much money he has spent on this” you mean money for image hosting after I tried to show him how to use FTP to upload his images here to save him some money? Correct, I don’t. But I do know how much money I donated to keep the place going, I even know how much I spent on “supporter” so my hits didn’t count to lower his cost’s.

You know, I do miss the stories about the go-rats, and the Q of the day. But at the same time, as I pointed out in my last post, no one has made an attempt at contact. But why? Afraid I’ll post the emails? I covered that in my last post. Or is it that the general consensus was to ban me by majority? If that’s the case it just proves me right. If I was that unwelcome there they could have simply said so instead of doing this.

It will I fear bug me until the day that I die. Answers is all I desire, answers they apparently will never give.

He was looking for a reason to ban me you know. After my argument with another member over ssi and disability’s, a member who tried to say I could have surgery for my congenital medical condition and that every eye doctor I’ve ever seen was wrong. Funny how that member wasn’t banned over that. Funny how its always the disabled persons fault for standing up and telling the truth.

The utter disdain and hatred that member shown towards me was allowed, but I ask for proof of a claim and I am banned. Funny thing is I never did tell him what I decided. Well. I guess I can now. Some one over there keeps checking this blog, for what, I do not know since they wont communicate.

So here it is. My promise to you and the rest of society, when my parents have left this earth I choose to leave it as well.

Yes, you read that right. And no, I’m not insane. I see no point what so ever to remain on this earth when my responsibility’s to them are over.

Cowards way out? Oh please, rejoice, be happy, I’ll no longer be “mooching” off of your precious tax money.

That how ever is a long way away. So until then I will continue to voice my views, if you don’t like them, you don’t have to read them.

Oh, I almost forgot. Before any one goes moaning about copyright. Yuku owns the full copyright to the domain in question. So asking me to remove it will get you no where. Domains are like street addresses, it’s public information. The screen shot’s them self’s are covered under fair use and are copyright of http://www.yuku.com as per the yuku terms of service (you really should read it, I can find at least 8 area’s violated by my ban).

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