seti classic remembered, or forgotten? Some clarifications.

It seems that “fearless” would like me to make some clarifications on my previous post.

But before I get to that a small note, I edited the previous post to add a “more” tag so it does not take up the full page, forgot to do that when I posted it.

“fearless” made a post about my website it seems he needs some clarifications on his own actions so let us begin.

I have checked the ‘BANNED’ log and there has been NO ONE EVER BANNED FROM THIS BOARD. If you are going to bad-mouth us elsewhere, please at least attempt to be accurate in your accusations.

Well he is technically correct here, however what he did do was remove my reading ability from all but two sub-forums BEFORE I made my post. In addition to removing my post ability’s on one of the two I could still read. That is in effect a BAN and while I can confirm those actions I have no idea who could actually read the one post I could still reply too, I have made the assumption that he only allowed certain people to read it. Given the removal of read and post ability’s on the rest of the board, I think this is an accurate assumption, don’t you?

Also you will recall in the previous posting the note about my status being changed. He of course fails to mention to any one that this status change is as pointed out above in affect a ban, it seems to me he is the one that needs to clarify to the board members.

I relented in our discussion and un-hid your post with a moderation notice. YOU WON THE BATTLE but chose to start a war!

A moderation notice that made me out to look like a complete fool like I had no idea what I was talking about, He could have easily just made a follow up post to my post and others could have made their views known. At which point had any one actually provided any proof what so ever that the add-on I was referencing had a security flaw, I would have removed it. In my view he is the one that has started the war.

I am extremely angry that you chose to post excerpts from a CLOSED FORUM contained in a CLOSED BOARD and PRIVATE MESSAGES between us on your personal WEBSITE/BLOG/BOARD WHICH IS PUBLIC.

I did not post any items from the board except for an excerpt of your moderation notice, as well as your post about “missing” posts, and my OWN post. As to the private messages, they are handled outside of the board by yuku. And given the above where I could not read other forums, or post to other forums except the one single post and I had no idea if any one else could read it as well, what else was I supposed to do since you choose to edit peoples posts as well as hide them how could I effectively let the other board members know what was going on? This is the only place where I have control and unlike you should you choose to post here I will not edit or hide your post (note that I do have to approve comments before they will show up in order to prevent spam if I can verify the post is by you I will approve it)


Well given my actions this is a fair assumption, though a false one. But given the previous mentioned items, I feel I had no choice but to argue my case on my “DMZ” instead of your “sandbox” where I have control. Had you not changed my status and allowed me to make my point, this event wouldn’t have occurred.

You are taking the ‘poor me’ & ‘everybody hates me’ position looking for sympathy. I doubt seriously it will accomplish anything. I could easily get into a mudslinging battle with you but I refuse to enter a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

Don’t you just love when people say they wont argue with you while at the same time insulting you? I really think this one speaks for it’s self.

6 thoughts on “seti classic remembered, or forgotten? Some clarifications.

  1. Al Vocado

    Dude, your a f***** p****. I know u, and your a f***** freeloding pig. I seen you around town and know what kind of a f***** scammer you and your family are. You deserved what u got. Quit your wining and get a f***** job. Better yet just tell me where u want to live. I sure that we can come up with enuff donations to get you and your f***** family out of Albany. Get a job and quit your b****** you f***** pig.

    • I find it very interesting that this comment shows up right after a google search using terms only some one on the board would know. Maybe that’s a coincidence.

      I also doubt you know me personally or live any where near where I am. However if you feel so strongly about my mere existence Maybe you should look in to eugenics it appears to be right up your alley. ever watch gattaca ? You could push for the removal of anyone that does not contribute to society. Its what people like you really want isn’t it?

  2. Al Vocado

    I did watch Gattaca. Its a movie about a guy with a “disability” that works hard to overcome & finaly does overcume his “disability.” But work is something that your not gonna ever do so you bitch & moan & wine about how bad you have it & how evrybody treets you bad & how evryones an idiot & how you aint got mony, blah, blah, blah.

    Get a job, quit your bitching, and get your fat ass out of your couch bitch.

    • Actually it’s a movie about a society that is perfectly happy letting its disabled citizens die in the street. the main character is not “disabled” the one that was disabled was in the wheelchair and in case you where not paying attention he committed suicide.

  3. Al Vocado

    Wrong agin u lardass fuck. The part that Ethen Hawk plays is about a dude thats considerd dysabled but works hard to pruve everbody wrong and does so. The guy that was dysabled (Jude Law) wasnt always that way and he killed hisself coz he couldnt live as a cripple no more. Your none of those things, ur just lazy and u like to bitch.

    • blah blah blah, fuck off all ready. your incessant bitching is annoying. you simply cant comprehend some people with a disability can not work, and your jealous as all hell of the fact some people live on $698/month when you know you in fact couldn’t do it. in fact if you became disabled and found out you would have to live on $698/month your pansy ass would probably go commit suicide. now that’s the last comment of yours im going to approve since your too fucking lazy to register using a real account so your comments would auto approve and im tired of reading your incessant drivel.

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