seti classic remembered, or forgotten?

Many years ago I joined [email protected] for a few reasons, one was it seemed like an interesting and meaningful hobby. The other was much more naive as I was only a teenager at the time, but I dreamed that wed make contact with some super advanced civilization and they’d share their knowledge with us and maybe a cure for my vision. I did say I was naive didn’t I?

When [email protected] made the decision to switch to the B.O.I.N.C. Platform many people left because of a disagreement over crediting for work done. So some of the members of the classic community got together and made a forum. “to honor seti classic” ( I quickly joined.

I remember a few members “leaving” and after the events I’m going to tell you about I now know they did not in fact leave of their own accord.

Recently I was over on the broadbandreports / dslreports site, and while reading one of the rants their some one pointed out a firefox add-on called lazarus, this add-on saves form data so if you crash you can recover. Very helpful if you’ve just written a 10 paragraph diatribe. I thought I would share this find with my friends of the seticlassic board.

So I posted, and the post vanished! Why? Perhaps yuku deleted yet another post. So I posted again a few days later. And it vanished AGAIN. Whats going on? I thought.

Now, given the issues with yuku and some issues I had with a member of this board that doesn’t like people who are on ssi (I’m on ssi and was a victim of his attacks this person is also a moderator.. You see where this is going huh? ) I had thought perhaps this person deleted my post. So I sat silently holding my tongue with this assumption based on past events.

And then I got a message from the owner of this forum. The message read

Sep 27, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Fearless Leader: Paul, I hid that post about lazarus. I had already heard from some I.T. guys I know well that it was very dangerous. It makes Firefox almost as vulnerable to hack as IE is. If you check it out on the FF forums and find they have fixed it, I will unhide it, but for now I dont want anything that MIGHT hurt someones system. I, Personally do not use FF but I know several people who do and love it……….. until this came along.

I would like to point out here that I made that post on 09/24/2010 04:13:51 so this message was sent to me a good 3 days after the “moderation” good netiquit would have had this message sent to me with in a few minutes of its removeal, not days. This leads to conjecture and confusion for the poster. Which lead up to the rest of the events.

Now, I done my research, I found absolutely nothing to backup his claims. I pointed this out in a follow up message.

Sep 28, 2010 at 6:56 am

You: the only issues i find on the FF forums and lazarus involved uninstalling other add ons, and clearing the lazarus database fixed that. when i do a google search for lazarus firefox vulnerable all i find is a code fork for delphi.

its alright, dont worry about it. but i would have liked to have known what was going on sooner since i made an assumption based on the fact another post i made disappeared in the video card forum. and posts i made last year offering to host us on a phpbb forum also disappeared.

I would have been fine with a “sorry I took so long to reply to you, and here’s who told me this, and here’s why” but that’s not what I got. What I got was this.

Sep 28, 2010 at 2:47 pm

Fearless Leader:
Paul: I do not know about other disappearing posts. I have gone back and looked and show nothing in the admin log about deleted posts. I will ALWAYS notify someone when I perform a moderation action, just as I did here. The only actions I do not have notice or control of are those of YUKY admins. They can do anything anywhere without the board admin’s knowledge and I suspect the offer to host the board elsewhere may have triggered such an action. WE ARE MONITORED by Yuky. Posts DO occasionally disappear without reason. Let me assure you that any type of moderation action I feel necessary WILL be accompanied by an explanation via PM just as this one was.

I’m sorry, but that’s total bunk, if the yuku staff moderate a post I can assure you that the poster is notified with in minutes of the action as I’ve had that happen on other yuku forums. But they do not go around willy nilly and cause general havoc among their users. As to them removing a post to offer to host elsewhere, not likely. Im betting that post was removed by “fearless leader” or “sediaz” (the other mod) because they think it was a security threat. Sorry but in this case the users would have been the only ones to know its URL and security issues are handled PDQ by the devs.

As for posts “disappearing without reason” im sorry, but based on this little fiasco one can certainly see that posts don’t just disappear there moderated and people aren’t told about it.

I would have left it their, but he posted this on the forum.


I have received some PM’s about disappearing posts. Well, I wrote this, posted it, saw it in the forum, and next time I looked it disappeared. HELL-GAAAAA!!!!!!!

There have been 1 or 2 things I have deleted or moved to an undisclosed secure location.

IF AND WHEN ADMINISTRATION takes any kind of moderation action on a post/thread the person whose post it was WILL receive a PM explaining what happened and why action was taken.

If a post vanishes without receiving a PM from an administrator PM ME IMMEDIATELY. I can look in the log, see who did what when. Even if you delete your own posts for whatever reason, I will be able to see it. The ONLY time I cannot see it is if something happens at YUKY or their administrators do not like a post and delete it. Those actions are invisible to the board admins.

Things get lost occasionally (Remember the hack???) and still do. Rarely is any moderation action taken on a post but when it is, the poster WILL BE NOTIFIED by PM if it is done by your board administration.


We now return to the regularly scheduled nonsense…… err, I mean PROGRAMMING……….

He can check the log? Really? But when I questioned him in April of 2009 about my access to “ships log” (moderator forum) being removed he told me he was no longer board owner.

Apr 21, 2009 at 2:32 pm

You: maybe its been this way for a while, but i just realized i no longer have mod access on the scow, and i cant access space dock or even see it for that matter. if this is intentional im not upset i was dropped but a line saying why would have been nice..

Apr 27, 2009 at 1:32 pm

Fearless Leader: ‘Hunter:

When I resigned as board owner and relinquished control of the board, there were changes. I am not a mod either.

I do not think there are ANY mods any more (at least as far as I can see).

I am sorry that no one contacted you.


So he was lieing to the members about his ability’s? But I thought he cared about their safety and security? Ah but in actuality he was lieing to me then. Theirs only a few type of people in this world I hate. Thieves, Pedophiles, and Liers.

Now I couldn’t just let this sit, especially not when other software posts where allowed, namely software that one could use the same argument for. So I sent him this message.

You: i still, can not find any negative information on the firefox forums indicating that this add on in any way harms the end user or makes them vulnerable, other then the problem with the database needing to be cleared, which is no different than clearing the cache. if your refering to the saved data that is no different than a program or add on that saves log in information which lots of people use.

some of the folks here are techies, if they think its bad then they can comment on it and every one can make their on decisions. but i dont agree with a blanket ban based on an assumption, as ive indicated i cant find any information as you described.

for the record, some would consider boinc dangerious because of the virus incident with them a couple years ago.

ALL I wanted here was some proof to back up his claim, that was all if he could have given me ANY KIND OF PROOF I would have let it go and would have VOLUNTARILY removed that post. But no. what I got instead was this.

Fearless Leader: Dragonhunter:

I am not going to argue this point any further. The information I have is from a very high corporate level software engineer.

I have un-hidden your post and edited it with a moderation notice to protect myself and the board from any claim of liability.

DO NOT remove the moderation notice from that post.

protect yourself? From what? You cant be held accountable for MY post. So I took a look at his moderation notice. Check this out.


I hid this post due to the fact that I was told by very knowledgable I.T. people that this program caused a severe security issue for Firefox users. Dragonhunter claims it is safe, so I have un-hidden it. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this action an endorsement of this software by board administration. USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


WOW! Just, WOW!, and again NO PROOF!! but made me out to be some idiot. Oh by the way? That “knowledgeable I.T.” person was the SAME person that attacked me earlyr this year. Coincidence? I think not.

So I posted this.

ya’know, i was just tryin to do something nice sir. id like to point out some things however

post date: (09/24/2010 04:13:51)

date of your PM Sep 27, 2010 at 3:46 pm

usually when a mod of any board does any moderation the notice is givin the moment of moderation.

additionally you said if i found any evadance showing the security flaws where fixed youd unhide this. i pointed out several times i could not find ANY POSTS on the firefox forums to back up your claim. i simply wanted the folks here to give input on what they thought. usually when a person makes a claim that something is unsafe they are the ones to provide proof to back it up.

as i said in google the only info i found was about a delphi fork that has nothing to do with this add on.

additionally the only issues i found on the FF forums had to do with the lazarus database and clearing the database fixed the problem, that is no different than clearing the cache of a browser.

all i wanted was for you to provide proof to back up your claim as i provided proof to back up mine.

delete the post, hide the post, i really dont care either way. i was just trying to be HELPFULL for the people of this board that have been helpfull for me instead of constantly lurking.

thank you for putting me in my place sir.

:: heads for nearist escape hatch and ejects ::

Now looking back I could have worded this better, but hindsight is 20/20, so I get a follow up message, under his other account.

title: Warning

Today at 12:17 pm (edit: October 18th 2010)

Atilla The Captain: Paul:
I just read your weekend rant. THAT WENT TOO FAR!

You indicate in your post that you are not happy with me or my actions, fine.

You are hereby warned and your status has been changed on many forums.

You said you were ejecting and that is fine with me. I have to watch out for everyone. I will not engage in mudslinging on the board.

I have let you have more leeway many times than I would have anyone else but you have exceeded even my ability to look the other way. NONE of us has deleted or hidden any post of yours before although it was considered and I refused. I was very angy and ready to ban you without further adieu based upon the PM reply you sent after my moderation notice but SANTIAGO defended you and personally asked, as a favor to him, that I not do that.

You are warned and any further discourteous posts to me or anyone else will result in banishment. I also require removal of a link to this board from your board.

The captain.

NOTE: I added the date to this quote since yuku used “Today” instead of a date

So I reply to his “moderation edit” with a request for proof to his claim, and instead I get this, ironically the person that attacked me for being on ssi with extremely hateful and rude remarks was never warned, moderated, or banned. Lesson? Don’t question the all mighty God of the board or you will be banned.

I checked, and sure enough I cant make new posts AT ALL. I could only reply to my own post to say my good bye’s.

Its very sad when you cant speak your mind because some one will ban you for it. You may think im making this post to “get even” and you’d be wrong. Im making this post because on the old classic boards we could have civil discourse and could disagree with each other and demand proof to claims with OUT getting banned, this however is NOTHING like seti classic and in my opinion tarnishes its memory.

I now know what happened to at least 3 other members of that board, and I think any one that is considering joining this board. Should know what to expect. NEVER question the man in charge, or youl find your self banned.

A small note on spelling, I don’t spell very well and I don’t generally use a spell check for forum posts. I used the spell check in openoffice for every thing here EXCEPT items that have been quoted. So if somethings not spelled right, blame it on spell check 🙂

I would also like to point out that the broadbandreports / dslreports is home to many industry professionals, many wireless ISP’s and even some land service ISP’s (dsl for example) got their start from people on this site helping them. It also has direct forums for AT&T, comcast, and many other ISP’s. One would think that if this add-on was truly bad, some of those experts would have chimed in, don’t ya think?

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